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Balance Lisse Pointe Shoes - Pink

Balance Lisse Pointe Shoes - Pink

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Balance Lisse by Bloch offers a supportive and secure, streamlined fit, no matter how demanding the routine.

Designed on a curved last, a medium shank follows the natural contours of the foot, keeping the instep in contact with the shoe to provide comfort and injury protection.

  • Very wide platform, tapered internally
  • Curved last follows the natural contours of the foot
  • Contoured heel has been expertly sculpted to reduce bagginess
  • Reinforced satin remains smooth and strong through vigorous pointe work
  • Reinforced material is also stronger and longer lasting, helping to reduce wrinkles and provide an overall smoother look
  • Full sole
  • Low profile
  • Medium sides
  • U-shaped open throat line

Note...Ribbons and elastic sold separately

**Pointe shoes should fit perfectly and never leave room for growth.