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Elegance Pointe Shoes - Pink

Elegance Pointe Shoes - Pink

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The Elegance Pointe Shoe's incredible lightness is the first thing that will grab your attention. 

These are Bloch's lightest pointe shoes ever, yet they are extremely supportive.  The box is designed to fit and support your feet, providing maximum comfort, while maintaining an elegant shape.  

  • New "Relevease" insole makes it easier to roll through releve to pointe
  • Strategically placed cushioning provides the comfort of a sports shoe and absorbs shock
  • Elegant Vamp features a graduated toe box made of long lasting, natural materials for maximum support and performance
  • Stretch Satin hugs the heel at all times
  • Flat profile provides stability while standing flat
  • Extremely flattened platform provides superior stability & balance
  • Noise reduction technology to keep your feet quiet while performing on stage
**Pointe shoes should fit perfectly and never leave room for growth.